Solar energy receives a tremendous amount of attention from government, education, and non-profit stakeholders interested in seeing the industry take off.

With billions of dollars in available funding, your solar firm may be eligible to receive grants and other financial assistance to help deploy innovative products, expand existing capacity, or erect new solar projects.

In approaching grant-giving agencies, you must present a strong case for what your company aims to achieve with financing and why you need it more than any other applicant.

This demonstration of need is a critical requirement of solar grant proposal writing, and I can help you deliver the most compelling case possible.

At Solar Energy Writers, I help you:

  • Review the requirements and guidelines of the solar energy grant application process
  • Identify your core strengths (i.e. why your firm is an ideal candidate)
  • Outline your resources, needs, and goals pertaining to the solar energy grant
  • Craft a compelling and cogent solar grant proposal designed to make your application stand out from the crowd

Contact me directly to learn how Solar Energy Writers can help your grant proposal qualify you for the billions in available funding for green tech products and sustainability projects.

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