Every solar company needs a blog.  Even if you don’t contract Solar Energy Writers directly, you must have a blog – there’s no way around it.

Why Is Solar Blogging Important?

There exist several reasons why you need a solar blog for your site:

    • Solar blogs have tremendous SEO value since they add keyword-rich content to your site.  The more keyword-rich solar content you have, the easier it becomes for customers to find you using the major search engines.
    • Solar blogs create a direct line of communication with your target audience because each new post represents another opportunity to educate, engage, and solicit feedback.
    • Solar blogs add personality to your site.  Whether you’re targeting the consumer market or business clients, you don’t want your site to be full of technical specifications or dry legalese.  A blog adds character, thus, keeping readers (and potential customers) on your site longer.
    • Solar blogs add credibility to your site.  Well-researched, authoritative copywriting is vital when attracting new business.  However, relying solely on product specification pages and “about us” sections isn’t enough.  A blog adds volume and depth to your online solar marketing efforts.

Equally important, your solar blog must be:

      • Updated regularly
      • Informative
      • Topical
      • Timely

If you lack the resources to maintain a regularly updated solar blog, Solar Energy Writers is here to help.  Solar blogging is my specialty, and I’d be happy to take over the reigns and design an engaging platform for you, from the ground up.

With posts covering everything from market trends to industry news to your product offerings, let Solar Energy Writers help you carve out a permanent niche in the blogosphere and create more opportunities for potential customers to learn about your uniqueness.

Contact me to learn how my freelance solar energy copywriting can help boost your visibility and increase sales.

For solar blog examples, please click here.

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