If you actively manage a list of potential clients, you already know what solar lead generation is.

But how effective is that list?

If the majority of calls and emails end in rejection, then something may be wrong with your approach.

At Solar Energy Writers, I can’t help improve your phone sales pitch, but I can help you in two very important ways – better solar energy landing pages and better email follow-up.

Better Solar Landing Pages

What a user reads shortly before filling out a “contact me” form is extremely important.  Poorly worded solar web copy will fail to convert the reader (at best) or convert the wrong type of reader (at worst).

This second result is far more draining on limited resources.  Just think of the hours required to follow up with potential solar clients who have no actual sales potential.

Better Solar Email Follow-up

If emails constitute an important component of your sales pitch, you may be wasting valuable opportunities if your current solar marketing copy lacks the proper polish.

A potential client who was primed and ready when he filled out your original solar lead form may be turned off by any follow-up emails that suffer from poorly worded content.

Let Solar Energy Writers rev up your lead generation campaign to boost the quality of your list and the effectiveness of your email sales pitch.

Contact me today to learn how I can help.

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