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I love the work that I do, and I am blessed to have collaborated with so many interesting people on so many worthwhile solar copywriting and marketing projects.  To see what past and presents clients have to say about working with me, please read the comments below.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Austin guided the development of Solar Academy International's online presence when in launched in Canada as Ontario Solar Academy.

He had a deep knowledge of online marketing and helped us develop the strategy that led to our success in Canada. He was also a solid manager of multiple outsourced writers.

... and all of this from a distance: we never met face-to-face! I came to rely heavily on Austin's professionalism and I'd recommend his services wholeheartedly.

Jacob Travis, President
Ontario Solar Academy

Austin has an impeccable ability to break larger projects down into actionable and clear strategy. His effective communication and organization made our larger visions much easier to manage and with this he actually increased our productivity due to the shear enhancement of the project workflow. We were fortunate to have several of our marketing campaigns led by Austin, given his deep experience with blogging and leveraging multiple marketing channels that helped increase our website exposure, SEO, and content publishing on platforms and ultimately our ROI. It has always been a pleasure working with Austin.

Tinia Pina, Director

I hired Solar Energy Writers to provide content for a website I was having constructed. Austin provided a great deal of assistance not only with high quality content, but with knowledge of other aspects of what I needed. I am not a technical person by any means. Austin did a great deal of hand holding that was above and beyond what I hired him to do. I highly recommend Solar Energy Writers.

Joe Harris, CEO
Cost of Solar

Austin is true professional copywriter, he got the talent to capture my idea from my chingllish fuzzy expression, revise into native english, making our customers can understand easily. Additionally, we have benefitted a lot from his expert insights on solar energy. It's really pleasure to work with him.

Shane Tsao, Conference Organizer

Austin has done research and prepared presentations on behalf of our organisation on several occasions.

On every occasion, we have benefitted from his insights & succinctness on matters pertaining to the field of renewable energy in which we are involved with.

His cross-discipline insights have helped us to think outside the box, simply because he approached the industry from a different point of view. In so doing, he has helped add a more human touch to our material & presentations.

We would gladly recommend Austin to any other organisation & we are sure they will just as pleased as we are with the end results.

Lionel Yap, President

I had the pleasure of working with Austin Brently when I was the Editor for the online publication Green Living ( Austin came to me asking if we could form a partnership regarding content being supplied to our publication from the Ontario Solar Academy. After 2 weeks of receiving articles written by him I knew it was a partnership that would be long lasting and one I could rely on.

Austin supplied me with a steady stream of well researched up to date informaton on solar energy issues happening in Ontario each week. Austin also managed a team of writers who began to supply articles to our publication on a regular basis. Austin always ensured that he double checked the content, links and references before they were submitted. I raredly had to make edits or revisions.

Working with Austin was an editor’s dream. He replied in a timely manner despite being multiple time zones away. He was up to any task that I asked of him and ready to be my on hand expert should I have questions from his field.

I would work with Austin again in a heartbeat. The quality of his work, his easy nature and timely responses are the hightest I have seen in the indsutry.

Sue Kupka, Editor
Green Living Online

Austin is a true professional with a wonderful ability to capture data and compose keyword-rich articles that are reader-friendly. He understands SEO and is a gifted copywriter not only for the search engines, but also readers. He’s also very reliable and offers a quick turnaround time.

Kelly Arduz, Director of Operations
US Solar Institute

I worked directly with Austin Brentley on numerous solar projects over the course of 10 months. The projects included company press releases, general solar articles, and website copy. I was very impressed by Austin's ability to transform a general direction and a few bullet points into original, informative material. He was able to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and deliver upon deadlines.

Austin works well independently and received instruction incredibly well. Often times Austin was able to write entire press releases and articles based on a quote or point. He is incredibly informed on the solar industry in general, the different sectors, and international markets. The biggest benefit I personally received working with Austin was time to work on other projects and peace of mind that there would be little to change in the material delivered by Austin. I would recommend his services to solar companies that spend too much time word-smithing and not enough time making deals.

Marta Michalek, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Ontario Solar Network

Working in a start-up environment always includes oddities & eccentricities, but when I was told that our new head of Marketing lived in Asia...I thought, now this is taking it too far. His credentials were excellent though, both from academic background as well as the samples of work provided. I found that with Skype the distance was not relevant and in fact had some great advantages for getting relevant news items prepared and launched in time for someone's morning update.

Though Austin did not have a technical background it was amazing how quickly he was able to create timely information on solar industry news with the feel as if it had been written by a person working in the local market. This is an incredible challenge for many large companies with huge marketing departments, so I was extremely impressed with this capability.

As the needs for content on our site grew, Austin was able to recruit and manage a team of writers without ever meeting them in person. Managing this team virtually online he was able to oversee the creation high quality content produced by people around the globe on a daily basis. I admire Austin's ability to combine the experience of living abroad, while still staying informed to communicate the relevant information on the solar industry. I am sure that this balanced work/life approach is related to the quality of his work. I would enjoy the opportunity of working with Austin again and would recommend his writing and management skills very highly.

David Gower, Co-Founder
Solar Academy International

I was looking for someone with a clear understanding of effective writing skills who could show me the ropes of the solar industry. I received more than I had hoped for. Under his guidance, not only did I receive clear and informative advice and constructive criticism, but my work flourished and I wound up with a fast-growing new career, with perfect feedback from all of my clients to date.

I would recommend Austin’s writing and/or editing services to anyone who wants professional and informative yet entertaining copy, and especially within the solar energy niche. He offers invaluable knowledge of both the industry and of communications in general and he is a pleasure to work with.

Ryan Hallett, Freelance Writer/Editor
Solar Network International

My hope was that through your work we would be able to generate a better quality lead that would eventually become a sale or student, you however far surpassed my expectations, as a matter of fact when no marketing was being done the only leads source was the ones you were able to provide through our website. Any company that could use increased web traffic and better quality, closable leads would be wise to consult your services.

Fred Vecchhio, Director of Operations
Solar Academy International

Austin and I worked together at Solar Academy International/Ontario Solar Academy as part of the initial communications, social media marketing and content driver for the organisation. Austin’s knowledge of both the industry and how to reach out to the public spaces using blogs, social media, etc., was instrumental to my understanding of the industry and to broaden my skill sets outside of the PV industry. His enthusiasm showed in his work ethic and has been a pleasure working alongside him and would welcome any opportunity to work with him again."

David Hampson, Program Manager
Solar Academy International

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