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Does Solar Energy Have a Marketing Problem?

We have at our disposal a technology that produces free energy from an infinitely replenishable source. It’s clean, affordable, and actually boosts the property values of homes. Oh, and it exists against a backdrop of dirty, increasingly expensive fossil fuels. The technology is even subsidized in many states, making switching costs almost non-existent for the […]

The Poor Man’s Guide to Finding Solar Images Online

In an earlier post, I launched a one-man campaign to encourage greater diversity in the types of solar images that companies use on their sites. There’s a tendency to use the same solar stock images as everyone else.  This trend makes it harder to differentiate your offerings and market the value of your products and […]

Every Solar Marketer and Copywriter’s Nightmare: the Dreaded Typo

As a solar energy marketer, you’re responsible for presenting the best possible case for every product or service under your firm’s brand. But what happens when you’ve just: Penned a great blog post Sent out an email blast Ordered 10,000 copies of a direct mail flyer And a typo slips in…. Whether someone points it […]

Time to Stop Using the Same Solar Energy Stock Photos

First, let me start by apologizing to LL28. I don’t know if you’re male or female, but you’re a very talented photographer who continues to make a killing within the solar industry. The quality of your work is outstanding, LL28 – as evidenced by the countless solar energy firms across the globe that borrow liberally […]

Solar Marketing 101: Walking Visitors through Solar Energy Incentives, Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this post, we explored the importance of solar incentives and how promoting them could help combat some of the very powerful misconceptions surrounding solar PV affordability. Today, we continue the discussion and look at a couple more options for educating users and making your solar marketing efforts more effective. Option 2: […]

Solar Marketing 101: Walking Visitors through Solar Energy Incentives, Pt. 1

For the past few days, we’ve discussed some of the solar cost myths that continue to hamper widespread renewable energy adoption – especially within the residential market. In a previous post, I pointed out that 97% of Americans grossly overestimate the cost of installing solar PV on their homes.  In many cases, they’re off by […]

Solar Marketing 101: Adding a Solar Calculator to Your Site

In an earlier post, we explored an incredibly disturbing statistic in which 97% of Americans grossly overestimate the cost of installing solar on their homes. Whereas the true cost can be in the low thousands (sometimes even zero upfront) the perceived cost is closer to $20,000. You’d think that with all the information out there […]

Dispelling Common Solar Myths with Smarter Marketing

The global transition to solar energy is inevitable.  I truly believe that.  With rising oil prices and falling solar costs: Grid parity is ever closer Payback periods are getting shorter The economics of solar are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore These, coupled with the environmental benefits, help to explain why 90% of Americans support solar […]

Writing Solar Energy Press Releases, Part 1 – What & Why

If you’re like most people, you probably dread writing press releases. Finding that perfect balance between news and marketing.  Taking care of the formatting and layout.  Contacting the right distribution sources and reporters. It can all be pretty uninviting (to put it mildly). I hope that this 6-part series will help demystify the process and […]

Staying Abreast of the Solar Industry as a Marketer or Copywriter, Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this post, we explored some of the challenges of finding, sorting, and digesting the tons of solar industry information out there.  Google Alerts was the first technology we examined.  Now let’s take a look at my other favorite news discovery tool – Google Reader. What Is Google Reader and How Do […]

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