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3 Lessons I’ve Learned As a Professional Solar Blogger

I’ve been a general blogger for about 8 years and a “solar” blogger for the past 4 years. Over that time, I’ve done long-term projects, one-off posts, and daily writing for a host of solar PV clients around the world. Each project is unique.  But the most successful campaigns I’ve worked on share some commonalities. […]

When to Hire a Freelance Solar Copywriter

You’re part of the marketing or communications team at your company.  Until now, you’ve handled all copywriting services in-house with fairly decent results. Under these conditions, why would you ever hire a freelance solar copywriter? Sure it makes sense to bring in outside help if you’re drowning.  Professional copywriting has very obvious advantages when profits […]

Dispelling Common Solar Myths with Smarter Marketing

The global transition to solar energy is inevitable.  I truly believe that.  With rising oil prices and falling solar costs: Grid parity is ever closer Payback periods are getting shorter The economics of solar are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore These, coupled with the environmental benefits, help to explain why 90% of Americans support solar […]

Should Your Solar Blog Have a Call to Action

Many bloggers are scared of the “call to action” concept.  They view their blogs as pure literary vehicles that would become sullied with anything that could be considered a “sales pitch.” Basically a call to action (CTA) at the bottom of a post strikes them as greedy or insincere. For some types of blogs, this […]

How to Make Your Solar Blog As Easy to Read As Possible

The only thing worse than not having a solar blog at all is having a blog that chases traffic away.  Often, I come across corporate blogs whose styles and layouts are simply uninviting. I don’t want to read them… even before I’ve started reading them. This problem exists in all industries.  However, solar energy is […]

Staying Abreast of the Solar Industry as a Marketer or Copywriter, Pt. 1

As a copywriter, one of the challenges of working in the solar industry is that there is so much information out there – and it constantly changes. New innovations, new regulations, new entrants, and yes, new bankruptcies. And this is just in the US.  Many of my clients are in Europe and Asia, so the […]

Writing Solar Blog Headlines That Attract Readers, Pt. 2

In Part 1 of Writing Solar Blog Headlines That Attract Readers, we discussed some of the very general rules and guidelines that go into the process.  In Part 2, we look at different categories of headlines and why they’re effective. Strictly speaking, blogs are not traditional sales tools.  Unlike slogans or ads, there’s a lot […]

Why Every Solar Company Should Have a Blog

I cringe whenever I see a corporate site without a blog.  It bothers me no matter the industry, but with a sector as mysterious and misunderstood as solar energy, not having a blog seems unconscionable. As a solar copywriter, I’m probably more sensitive to such things.  After all, a firm without a blog represents a […]

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