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Does Solar Energy Have a Marketing Problem?

We have at our disposal a technology that produces free energy from an infinitely replenishable source. It’s clean, affordable, and actually boosts the property values of homes. Oh, and it exists against a backdrop of dirty, increasingly expensive fossil fuels. The technology is even subsidized in many states, making switching costs almost non-existent for the […]

Every Solar Marketer and Copywriter’s Nightmare: the Dreaded Typo

As a solar energy marketer, you’re responsible for presenting the best possible case for every product or service under your firm’s brand. But what happens when you’ve just: Penned a great blog post Sent out an email blast Ordered 10,000 copies of a direct mail flyer And a typo slips in…. Whether someone points it […]

Hiring Solar Copywriters, Part 5 – Which Payment System to Use?

For the past four days, we’ve looked at the different payment systems that solar copywriters use, outlining the relative pros and cons of each. In quick order, they are: By the hour – best suited for ongoing projects such as SEO campaigns or longer writing assignments that have a lot of research involved. By the […]

Hiring Solar Copywriters, Part 4 – Paying for Performance

We’ve already looked at the pros and cons of paying copywriters by the hour, by the project, and by the word. Last in our line-up is performance-based pay in which compensation is directly tied to pre-determined results (i.e. conversions, traffic, sales, leads, etc.). Whereas the 3 previous systems are fairly interchangeable, performance-based pay stands alone. […]

Hiring Solar Copywriters, Part 3 – Paying by the Word

So far, we’ve looked at hiring solar copywriters by the hour and by the project. Today, let’s look at paying copywriters by the word (or sometimes by the page). Paying Solar Copywriters by the Page This is a pretty useless system because page lengths are so variable. With the right font type and size, you […]

Hiring Solar Copywriters, Part 2 – Paying by the Project

Yesterday, we looked at the pros and cons of paying solar copywriters by the hour.  Today, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of project-based pay rates. Paying Solar Copywriters by the Project Whether for one-off blogging assignments or much longer writing campaigns, paying by the project has very obvious appeal for many clients. You […]

Hiring Solar Copywriters, Part 1 – Paying by the Hour

As you shop your next solar marketing project around with different copywriters, it’s easy to get confused by all of the different payment systems out there. Some copywriters charge by the hour, others by the word, and still others by the project.  This can make comparison-shopping a real challenge. But in truth, most payment systems […]

When to Hire a Freelance Solar Copywriter

You’re part of the marketing or communications team at your company.  Until now, you’ve handled all copywriting services in-house with fairly decent results. Under these conditions, why would you ever hire a freelance solar copywriter? Sure it makes sense to bring in outside help if you’re drowning.  Professional copywriting has very obvious advantages when profits […]

What Are the Best Keywords for Your Solar Business? Pt. 2

In the previous post, we looked at Google Insights and discussed some general brainstorming tips for coming up with a keyword list. In this post, we’re ready to refine that list. Google Keyword Tool Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is another personal favorite of mine.  Free and comprehensive, it can give you a fairly good indication […]

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